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Spring, sun, sugaring and skirts!

Spring has sprung in all its unpredictability

The time of year has begun where you have to dress like an 'onion' and different seasons rotate within the same day!

But what is certain is that every living being feels a yearning for newness, a yearning for rebirth,

yearning for life, the chirping of the birds accompanies us throughout the day,

the flowers, the colours of the sky and the blowing of the wind taste of newness!

And our bodies also follow this flow, our hormones start to fizz with the increase in daylight hours!

Sleeves are shortened and little feet begin to be uncovered

for some, the season of the dreaded epilation session begins,

and I am very close to it,

in the past, the time when light and short outfits were being worn began the period of torture,

I have always experienced epilation as torture

I have always envied clients who can relax during an epilation session,

so I started looking for a method that

was less painful

delayed regrowth as much as possible

would make the skin much softer and silkier

it was back in 2008 when my hands first handled sugarpaste,

all the research I had done gave me good news about the wonderful results and effects of

this ancient and totally natural hair removal technique.

I remember that I bought the first pack from a Tunisian company in Paris.

Sakra it was called... I won't hide from you that the first two years it was an enormous challenge

being able to handle the paste in my hands, I always say that the paste is a great teacher of

patience and rhythm

after 2 years of great challenges, and also of very patient clients (the first few times it took me even 4-5 hours to epilate my legs and bikini area)

I have managed to establish a good relationship with the sugar paste, so much so that I can handle it with the same

dexterity as traditional waxing

Today I have been working only with sugar paste for 16 years and thanks to many tricks, I hardly find myself in the sticky messes of the early years :)

In these 16 years, sugarpaste has really given me and my guests a lot of satisfaction <3

But the greatest magic happens when technique is combined with strategy!

the strategy of synchrony, the energy flows of this universe affect all of nature including the growth of our hair (frequencies affect the matter of our body, fluids, glands and hormones, and these affect hair growth)

Here, if the right technique is applied at the right time, we can prolong our smooth skin and reduce hair density,

All this made me fall in love with sugar paste not only as a woman but also as a professional

this is why I decided to offer this exclusive service among my collection

I consider it a true beauty ritual for the skin,

in addition to gently removing hair, it improves hydration, activates skin regeneration and improves microcirculation

Leg.endary is the Kombi I created for those who want to experience epilation as a pleasant break from self-love.

For mothers who only manage to find time for a waxing session, here is a regular appointment to make themselves beautiful and feel better



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