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Beauty Minute

Promise time to yourself


the Minute Beauty System, which allows you to take care of yourself from the inside out at a flat rate and at your own pace.

The advantage? 

You don't buy services, you buy a time for me to create a bespoke ritual based on your current needs WITHOUT UNDERPRICING THE PRICE.

This allows you to personalise all sessions to your body's needs at the time.

Whether you want to lose unwanted hair, eliminate excess fluid, tone your body or remove the signs of ageing from your face,stress relief; whatever your needs 

you have at your disposition 



Twenty years of experience 

more than 13 different techniques and manual practices

100% organic and customised recipes


Minute Beauty is a brand new concept, your beauty professional with a minute rate. No price difference between services, you choose the time you buy and monthly we decide the route,

the distribution of the minutes and the rituals to combine, according to your specific needs



  • 12 month  Abo

  • 120min x2 time for month

  • 249chf Pro month

A path designed to follow the motions of the moon, our inspirational muse, we will study rituals together using lunar synchrony and your personal cyclicity
Designed for two 120min meetings per month



  • 12 month ABO

  • 360min pro month(free plan)

  • 399chf pro month

It is a true path to rediscovering love for yourself, the female body is pure change, rediscovering ourselves in harmony with our rhythms allows us to rediscover our pure and unique beauty

A super-dynamic plan that allows you to adapt it to all your needs, 90min a week or 120, you can divide the time as you wish


Book your beauty and energy consultation and together we will create a plan for your specific needs, from your beauty routine at home to rituals in the studio.... all customised to you like a dressmaker

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