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discover moon sincrony


The lunar cycle has a pattern that we find in all natural cycles: the menstruation, the day, the seasons...
are cycles with the same structure of alterna
ting phases...

woman power

Several scientific studies conducted by neuroscientists have shown that different moon phases influence our brain's production of neurotransmitters. In short, each different phase changes the way we produce these substances, which is why they change our mood.

There is a link between our internal biological cycles and the cycles of the outside world

" Not all Thursdays are the same,

even if you do the exact same things"

moonly a b o

mariana bern

m o o n l y  

               4 session x 45min              


Synchronising body treatments to the phases of the moon can enhance the effects and harness the flow of energy; from stress, tension to water retention.

m o o n l y

is a monthly abo of 4 x 45min sessions that allows you to synchronise with the cosmic energies, understand their effects on your body and take advantage of their benefits. 

the first step is a counselling meeting, where we will study the monthly plan together, choosing session by session... 

moonly massage bern

Full Moon


only 100chf

until MIDNIGHT      24.02.24            

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