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Halawa Lab.

Become a


The Sugar'Secret

More than an epilation, the sugarpaste technique is a real skin treatment

involving the removal of the much-hated hair. 

The sugaring technique provides a 100% natural service

that in addition to hair removal includes a host of additional benefits

You are a professional beautician

Would you like to introduce the Sugar Epilation service?

Would you like to learn this technique to work as a professional Epilator?

Then you are in the right place,

I have been practising and teaching the Sugar Epilation technique

for over 18 years and I am literally in love with it.

What can you get from my training

Training start at 9.30am

Theory Class

9.30 - 11.30

  • Skin and Hair Anatomy

  • Sugaring Hand Technique 

  • Sugaring Session protocol 


lunch break 

Practical Class

13.00 - 18.00 

  • Little area (Bikini, underarms, face)

  • Big Area (legs, arms, belly, shoulder)

  • Ingrown hair technique

Included in the training you will receive

Theory training workbook
E-book Sugaring
Sugar paste kit

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