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Beauty Experience

Know all the theories

Master all the techniques,

but when you touch a human soul,

simply be another human soul


I have not espoused any COSMETIC BRAND I adore raw ingredients, my long experience as a cosmetic informant has allowed me to collect surprising recipes combining only natural ingredients. 
I select high quality ingredients and limit ingredients from outside Switzerland to very few. 
I create the perfect mix according to your needs and morphotype

marienne massage.jpeg

Algae, Earths, Peats, Clays are just some of the ingredients that make up the recipes for the body, in synergy with manual and aesthetic techniques will envelop your body in sublime lightness


Precious oils, portentous floral waters and aromas are some of the protagonists of the facial collection.
Ancient techniques from distant lands that bring light and new energy to your eyes



Also called Cleopatra's gold, sugaring is not just a simple beauty service but a real treatment for your skin. The smoothest skin you will ever have

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