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Chi Nei Tsang

It literally means

Chi: Qi = energy

Nei Tsang: organs

It is a technique derived from Qi Gong and Tui Na.

It is therefore a massage that will work the internal energies of the organs.

But what exactly is it and in what cases should it be used?

What is Chi Nei Tsang?

Chi Nei Tsang is an abdominal massage of the internal organs: liver, stomach, intestines, spleen, etc. In Chinese energy we consider the abdomen as the seat of our emotions. That is why the stomach is a very important area. Its energy balance is essential for emotional harmonisation.

In fact, a positive and a negative emotion is linked to each organ:

The heart: joy is opposed to impatience.

The lung: acceptance opposes sadness.

The liver: kindness opposes anger.

The kidney: liveliness opposes fear.

The spleen/stomach: compassion opposes anxiety.

The goal is to establish a balance.

How does a Chi Nei Tsang session take place?

A Chi Nei Tsang session therefore focuses on the abdominal area. We will relax, release areas of tension in the stomach to loosen energy knots and restore harmonious circulation.

Combination of manual massage techniques with breathing.

The organs, in fact, whose energy is harmonious, participate in the awakening of the self-healing power of the body, of the being. This is why it is important during the session to observe and let go of one's feelings and releases emotions.

In what cases should it be used?

Chi Nei Tsang massage can be practised preventively (during the change of season) or when an imbalance occurs. It is probably also the time when expressions such as: 'I am upset', 'I have a knot in my stomach', 'I have a knot in my stomach'

Chi Nei Tsang mainly allows:

to improve intestinal disorders (diarrhoea, constipation, pain, etc.)

to reduce anxiety and distress

to relieve back pain

The benefits of Chi Nei Tsang and the importance of taking care of one's stomach are recognised. In fact, Western studies have shown that our gut has neurons and neurotransmitters that interact with those in our brain

healthy mind healthy belly

Please do not eat anything for 2 hours before treatment and do not receive Chi Nei Tsang treatment during your menstrual cycle.

****I do not perform abdominal massage for the following diseases: cancer, infectious diseases, thrombosis, acute inflammation, skin infections, aneurysms, melanoma, lymphoma, women using a contraceptive device, pacemaker implant, artificial hip or knee joint, pregnant women****


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