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What if the menopause was the graduation exam?


Menopause is the graduation of being a woman,

you should know that during my research and continuous study

of the body and its wonders, the typical exepires of the female body are the ones that have always intrigued me,

precisely because I live in one!

The menstrual cycle as a professional matter has been a topic of study for a long time,

one of my greatest teachers is an Italian doctor whom I had the pleasure of having as a teacher and as a

colleague in some professional training.

I delved into the topic of the female menstrual cycle with a focus on my work,

I wanted to understand in more detail why certain treatments are not recommended

during certain periods of the menstrual cycle!

During my various research and studies, I focused on the energetic aspect of the menstrual cycle, as well as the valuable connection

with the lunar cycles, I found a very interesting explanation, it was an elderly South American woman I met

during a walk in Portugal.

She explained to me that the 4 lunar phases correspond to 4 energies present in a woman

One is not born a woman (by woman I mean the feminine principle)

a woman reaches her development not with the first cycle (from an energetic point of view)

but with the menopause.

In fact, the child begins her 'formative' course with menarche, from that moment her life will be

followed by a continuous alternation of different energy flows,these flows can be divided into 4 archetypes 

  • the girl child

  • the female

  •  the mother

  • the warrior 

these 4 archetypes are what makes up a Graduate Woman

How long this school lasts depends on 

how many teachings are needed to each of these 4 energies

Imagine that each of them has a number of lessons to learn each lesson corresponds to a menstrual flow when the lessons are finished menstruation is over you enter menopause

both the beginning and the end are moments of great changeand we know that changes can be fought or welcomed but

nature whether we like it or not

is constantly changing

and if we think about these two great events

in a path that brings us to know

the 4 forms of the feminine that exist within each of us

and that the menopause and the possibility of accessing each of us

when we need it most

there are times when accessing the feminine mode can be very helpful indeed,

for example when we learn something new,

as well as times when accessing the knowledge of the mother, or the courage of the warrior

I like to think that the menstrual cycle is a training school

to enable us to better manage our biorhythms

I must say that this painting given to me by this wise womanhas really changed the way I welcomemenstrual pains,discomfort and changes in the body according to hormonal phases,I hope it can also help you who are reading

and offer you another small window with a different angle on the topic

thank you for reading me

See you soon




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