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Hawaiian Ritual

For a few years, I worked with an Italian company founded by Fabio and Wanda Consonni, researchers and owners, who were involved in research and studies on algae and their use as a supplement and cosmetic.

During their trip to Hawaii to study algae, they came across a beauty ritual practised by women for a long time.

When the current carries the seaweed to the shoreline, it dries out under the sun, bringing all its minerals, trace elements and nutrients to the surface. Women use to massage the skin of the body using these dried leaves to eliminate dead cells and keep the skin young.

This is how the Hawaiian ritual was born. I have been practising this treatment for over 15 years and every woman falls in love with it because of the speed with which she gets beautiful skin and new energy

February is the month in which nature slowly awakens from the cold winter, and with this change of season our bodies also need a good surge of energy!

The protagonists of this ritual are pure laminar seaweed oil and dried Macrocystis leaves with which the body is energetically rubbed, following the flow of the microcirculation.

The skin is gently exfoliated, the circulation is reactivated, and the powerful seaweed leaves release mineral salts and trace elements into the tissue, nourishing and brightening it.

Ideal for those who feel the need for new energy, to help the feeling of heaviness in the legs and for skin regeneration

February is the month of love where everyone tries to celebrate their valentine, what if this year it was you?

You can celebrate yourself and your magic with the Hawaiian ritual only available until 29.02



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