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Energetic Signature

In the last months of 2022, I travelled to my hometown Milan to meet with my beloved Tonla and create a special treatment with Tibetan bells...

Here we have developed a special sound treatment whose protagonists are the ancient Tibetan bell, the shamanic bell and cymbals!

In the meantime, I would like to explain the difference between the normal Tibetan bell and the shamanic bell.

The classical old Tibetan bell uses the movement of centrifugal energy, i.e. the propagation of the sound frequency is from the cent

re of the bell outwards. let us say that this bell emits its frequency to everything within its radius of action.

The shamanic bell, apart from the small disc in the base, is rung anti-clockwise and uses centripetal energy, i.e. the propagation of sound and sound frequency is from the outside to the centre of the bell.

This bell is very rare, as it is part of very old Tibetan traditions. It is said that this bell is able to chase away negative energies, negative thoughts, etc.".

An old custom in Tibet was to give the Shamanica bell as a gift to newlyweds to wish them luck and prosperity, usually with a symbol or the initials of the giver engraved on the inside.

As I mentioned earlier, choosing a bell is a very introspective ritual of ringing it and getting in touch with the bell to really hear it.... just like a musician...

After trying different bells, I finally found the right one!

In short, the ritual 23 includes a first part with the Rei-Ki treatment to rebalance all the energy chakras in the body, followed

by the sound concert with the bells and cymbals...

a very fascinating experience of introspection and refuelling of energy...

If you want to bring your energy back to your centre, if you feel stolen by everyday life or if you simply want to take a journey to your small, peaceful place within yourself, then Ritual 23 is the right relaxation...

Ritual 23 is included in all treatments in the offer

I received my first Tibetan's bell as a gift from my dear brother for my 30th birthday

To find the bell, you have to choose among many, he told me when we went to the Dharmasound.it of Master Thonla Sonam, the man who spreads Tibetan culture in Milan. Once inside, Master Thonla offered me tea and invited me to sit in the bell room as there were so many bells of all sizes. He began by explaining to me that his bells come from Tibet and that they are only hand-forg

ed from pure, high-quality metals, which, among other things, guarantees a pure, high-quality sound.

Other manufacturers often use scrap metal in the production process, which significantly reduces production costs.

This is the first reason why they are very valuable, and each one is unique because they are moulded by hand.

Thonla goes on to explain their different frequencies and how each frequency transmits a certain energy to everything that comes into contact with its vibration....

She immediately moves on to practising and explains the correct playing posture and the ritual of concentrating on the here and now, which allows you to get in tune with the instrument...

She immediately moves on to practising, explaining the correct playing posture and the ritual of concentrating on the here and now, which makes it possible to get in tune with the instrument...

I try the first one and immediately feel a strong vibration that begins to penetrate my body from the hand holding the bell, through my arms, shoulders, chest... and the feeling is really like letting bubbling water flow through my body...

Tonla tells me exactly that and shows me how the water inside the bell bursts open when you ring it.

Now I'm leaving you, she says, look for your bell at this....

By nature, I am very decisive and quick when I buy something, but in this case, I got carried away by the rhythm and energy that this room exuded. It took me about 30 minutes, neither too much nor too little, but I decided in favour of it, the bell, which has the notes E and B.

Female tone (harmonic) 496Hz

Male tone (fundamental) 319 Hz

This bell is perfect for balancing from the root chakra to the heart chakra and is the tool I have been using in all my massages for seven years.

I am waiting for you

Tashi Delek



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