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love what you do, do what you love


I love my work in all its nuances!

Treating the body is a very old practice,

with a subtle spiritual aspect.

By treating the body, we calm the mind,

we pause, listen to ourselves and become aware

of ourselves.

New people knock on my door every day,

But as soon as they put their bodies in my hands, I discover that they have a deeper, universal need.

Joys, fears, insecurities, passions and the desire to free the soul are released through sensations and words, in a context where the body is renewed and the spirit regenerated.

The massage is the most profound moment, I listen as the body comes to rest, finds peace and communicates its feelings to me in a way that words can hardly express.

As soon as my hands rest on the skin, our souls connect, find each other again, and with a pure and original love we feel united and part of the whole!

I believe this is what makes the practice of massage so popular, because we become part of something immeasurable again, something invisible, a thin thread that connects us! Massage is dancing with energy, while dancing I have felt deep emotions, I have rejoiced, I have cried, I have loved, I have suffered.

To massage is to embrace each other deep inside, to bring our hearts closer together until they merge into one.

That's why I love my work so much; every person I meet gives me their whole self, their body, their mind and their soul, and it's a joy to receive a little of each of them. The heart opens and expands by giving and receiving love. I have loved all the people I have massaged, I have loved all the souls I have touched, I have loved all the energies I have danced with.

Love is lymph, love is life!



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