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Sometimes it's the little things that make us feel good, small gestures that spoil us.

When you enter Marilü's, you are not a customer, you are my special guest and I want you to feel as precious* as you deserve!

That's why I pay attention to every detail, I

use incense sticks handmade in Nepal that contain no wood but pure medicinal herbs. I like to create a harmonious environment with soft lighting and candles, and I have a special playlist for each ritual.

Forget the clock, remove the emotions of your day.... Let yourself be embraced by warm natural cushions that help you stretch your neck and relax your belly, the centre of energy.

For me, attention to detail also means choosing family businesses and small companies, which is how I chose RICFIT for my cherry ice cream bags!

A small family business with a farm near the picturesque Lake Zug!

The magical cushions are handmade one by one by this wonderful family.

Each cushion is filled with different natural seeds that gently release warmth, relax your muscles and hug you tenderly. They come in all shapes and colours www.richfit.ch

When you buy something from a craftsman, you are buying more than just an item.

You are buying hundreds of hours, of failures and trials.

You are buying days, weeks, years of labour, of frustration, but also moments of pure joy.

You are not buying a thing, you are buying a piece of your heart, a piece of magic, a part of your soul, a moment in someone's life.

And, more importantly, you are buying the craftsman time so that he can continue to do what he is passionate about and what brings you joy. (Quote)




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