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Booster Detox

  • 2 hr
  • 249 Swiss francs
  • Effingerstrasse 103, 3008 Bern

Service Description

With each passing decade, more and more toxins accumulate in our bodies. The organism slackens; the vitality decreases.... The AbracadabrA is an effective and natural method to slim down, tighten sagging skin and purify the body. Cellulite and striae (stretch marks) recede, veins become less visible. The treatment with this natural product cleanses and regenerates the skin according to ancient scientific knowledge. The AbracadabrA is completely different from "heat" or "quick slimming" wraps, which only cause temporary and insignificant loss of centimetres due to water excretion. This method cannot be compared with foil, algae, healing earth and aroma wraps. Already in Ayurveda, 5000 years ago one knew, "A healthy person is naturally beautiful." Therefore, with a body wrap a bridge can be built between natural between naturopathy and beauty. How does the body wrap work? During the AbracadabrA treatment, the body is wrapped with bandages that have previously been soaked in our warm, odourless sea and soil extract. Through the pores of the skin, the waste products are extracted, which are found in the fluid around the cells. The muscles are deacidified and remineralised. The special wrapping technique compresses and firms the fatty tissue. The skin regains elasticity through the purification. This creates a smoother and firmer foundation for the soft tissue underneath. The body wrap does not have a dehydrating effect. Therefore, weight loss due to dehydration is extremely low. How many centimetres can I lose? You will be measured before and after the treatment. The total loss is calculated by adding up the reduction of the individual body measurements. On average, you will lose between 35 and 135 centimetres in total body circumference without water loss. You will lose centimetres exactly where you need it most. We work mainly on your problem areas with our special bandages. After using the AbracadabrA, your body will be firmer, slimmer and more vital. The successes are lasting if you avoid the intake of waste products in your diet as much as possible.

Cancellation Policy

In order to provide you with a better service, please contact me at least 24 hours in advance via Whatsapp at 0779875280 to cancel your appointment. Otherwise you will be charged 50% of the service fee.

Contact Details

  • Effingerstrasse 103, Bern, Switzerland



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