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Cleopatra, the icon of beauty and well-being, bathed in fermented milk to take advantage of the regenerating effect of the lactic acid contained in fermented milk and made compresses of precious Nile silt and wraps with seaweed leaves to purify the body and keep the legs beautiful and light.

The treatment with Macrocistys algae leaves is amazing in its effects and results, as the algae have a net-like structure that contains essential substances, mineral salts and trace elements for our body.

Wrapping with algae leaves allows us to exchange our toxins and excess water with these substances by utilising the osmotic process! IT'S GREAT!!!!!! It's amazing that an all-natural product can rid our connective tissue of waste products through the skin!

There are different types of algae: Red, brown and blue-green algae, and the fascinating thing is that their properties vary depending on the depth of the sea in which they grow, as sunlight is an important element for their development.

Scientists have discovered that water is life. So what better place to develop plants that are good for our bodies? Let's remember that we are 80% water, and thalassotherapy studies show that our blood plasma is identical to that of the sea!!!!

I learnt about thalassotherapy 14 years ago and immediately fell in love with it. The effect of these amazing fruits of nature is amazing: the skin improves, the metabolism is accelerated, you feel more vital, energised and lighter! Every time you inhale their scent, you think of the sea, of the sun.... they bring back memories of holidays!!!!

Professionals use them frequently and with remarkable results for fat, cellulite, swollen legs and abdominal swelling. We can also benefit from their advantages by integrating them into our diet: Laminaria algae, Chlorella, Litothanium help to burn fat, regulate the menstrual cycle and remineralise the tissues!

In short, as always our Cleopatra was not wrong, algae allows us to have all the power of the sea at the service of our health!

The sea ingredients I use come from the northern French region of Brittany. The main production areas are in the Iroise Marine Park and off the Golden Belt of the Léon and the Côte de Granite Rose, which are protected from shipping and where seaweed is grown in spontaneous aquaculture.

For my rituals, I use seaweed in various forms, rehydrated, micronised and dried, and I also use concentrates and oils from laminar seaweed to brighten and tone the skin.

Yes, but what about the smell? Yes, the smell is exactly what you breathe in on a warm summer morning while walking on the beach.

The magic of seaweed also lies in its particular odour, as our sense of smell transmits an emotion to the brain that is associated with a particular aroma.

As for the smell of the sea, each of us has an ancient memory that associates the smell of the sea with life and the mother. Therefore, by inhaling the scent of seaweed, we can relieve stress, feel balanced and most importantly rediscover our ancient connection to Mother Earth.

This is why I prefer to call my treatments true sensory experiences.

A successful synergy of massage and the sea for new energy and deep relaxation

A long ceremony in which the entire body is treated, from the hair to the toes.

The combination of a special facial massage technique and the algae active ingredient (alginate) leaves the skin radiant and firm, while the muscles relax and recover.

The body wrap with valuable Macrocystis algae leaves balances the skin and ensures relaxation.

A special ocean massage reproduces the waves of the sea on your body, leaving you feeling light, fresh and full of energy.

Ocean Ceremony has been Marilü's unmistakable wellness recipe since 2008


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