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Gua Sha Lab.

Gua-Sha L A B. 

Let me tell you.The skin is the most important organ and has its own specific language,

let me be the ambassador of its message,

let's build your best skincare together and find your perfect beautyroutine

Ready to create your Skin Care ?


I choose and select only natural ingredients, zero processing and zero preservatives, freshness is paramount. Your personal recipe will be totally the fruit of mother nature


Less is more, a good routine must be able to fit into our daily lives, it must easily become a new habit and above all it must be able to be followed anytime and anywhere, which is why simplicity is one of the key words in the recipe we are going to prepare together.


Result is our goal, let yourself be overwhelmed by how easy and simple it can be to achieve results and keep your skin glowing with less.

Let yourself be guided, towards the pleasure of taking time, being totally immersed in the present. Allow me to show you the true magic of intention, and above all, allow yourself to blossom in all your splendour.

90min together at marilü'studio with crystals, beauty instruments,

precious oils and aromas, to rediscover the ancient rituals of queens. 

Let us read your body and skin through ancient holistic patterns and philosophies and build your personal beauty recipe



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