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Back in shape after Christmas

The festivities are approaching and with them also festive dinners and aperitifs with an exchange of greetings, and the belt is getting tighter and tighter, so let's get busy adjusting the gluttony and take off a few centimetres to encourage ourselves

The treatment I propose for this pre-holiday and also post-holiday comes from Germany, but has much older origins, namely the mysterious ancient Egypt

I'm talking about AbracadabrA the total body wrap by Hanni Glatt


It's a total body wrap using a phlebological method that the ancient Egyptians also used. Anaelastic bandages filled with salts rich in trace elements and minerals are carefully prepared inside an ioniser that maintains their temperature at 38 degrees. The 28 bandages are then applied to the body from the feet up to the neck, including the arms. Each bandage has a particular function and task, some help the lymph reflux, others reshape the silhouette while decongesting and nourishing the skin.

The pose lasts 75 minutes during which you relax with a nice face, neck and head massage and the right music in the background, while your body rids itself of the toxins that occupy the connective tissue, (responsible for cellular well-being) and welcomes 'friendly' substances that nourish the skin, balance the metabolism and stimulate circulation.


The result is a considerable loss of centimetres on the total body circumference up to a maximum of 80cm on subjects with significant blemishes, while the average easily reaches a loss of as much as 50cm in total.

The sensation? Lightness, wellbeing and a new silhouette, shapes are harmonised, the complexion lights up, the body is deeply purified and the skin is plumped up, magic? NO, pure nature, everything contained in the bandages is everything our body needs for a state of well-being!

So how long does this 'spell' last?

Don't think of poor Cinderella who had the time counted to show off her majestic dress, the purification is REAL of course, after the treatment you will be CLEAN so it would be advisable to avoid intoxicating yourself with food rich in preservatives, fizzy drinks and alcohol, and everything that can bring back toxins in accumulation in our connective tissue, so if you respect your body the result is REAL!

I strongly recommend it to those who suffer from water retention (I managed to lose a good 3 cm per knee, I assure you a result NEVER seen!!), those who feel bloated and intoxicated, those who have had invasive drug treatments, those who suffer from psoriasis or dermatitis, and those who suffer from swollen legs.

There are no particular contraindications other than the usual ones, i.e. presence of cancer and inflammation or diseases affecting the kidneys.


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