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Cyclicity is great power 

Harmoniously reconnecting to this constantly repeated flow allows it to express its full potential

Feminine Energy

The Path

let yourself be guided 
through the harmony between your body and the continuous change,

discover the potential of feminine energy
embrace your soul and prepare to radiate your essence of beauty

.she was her own muse.

Ahoy, I am Mariana

I have been guiding women and their bodies

through natural changes for over 20 years, 
thanks to manual techniques,

pure ingredients and a tailor-made cycle,

you will be able to regain your balance

within your skin and radiate your most authentic beauty 

Fiore della holding della donna

your body is constantly mutating, find harmony with this flow is the key to the path 

13 moons (12 months) I build the customised path for you

I choose manual and energetic techniques, body&face rituals with natural and organic ingredients suited to your morphotype

We organise the sessions (weekly, fortnightly, monthly) according to your biorhythms

Start from here

first step is booking a bioenergetic massage including consultation. 
At the end of the massage we will have a nice chat; over a delicious tea you will receive all the information and details about your mapping and the path

zeit für mich

Time for Me

399 CHF


Cada mes

Unlimited Beauty Abo

Válido por 12 meses

ABO during: 12 month

360min monthly

Included all the treatment (+sugaring wax)

Choose monthly how to divide minutes (4x90min or 3x120min)

Agenda Priority

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