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13 monthly massage

60" /  80.-

woman power

Several scientific studies conducted by neuroscientists have shown that different moon phases influence our brain's production of neurotransmitters. In short, each different phase changes the way we produce these substances, which is why they change our mood.

There is a link between our internal biological cycles and the cycles of the outside world

" Not all Thursdays are the same,

even if you do the exact same things"


The lunar cycle has a pattern that we find in all natural cycles: the menstruation, the day, the seasons...
are cycles with the same structure of alterna
ting phases...


What is moonly?

Moonly is a package of 13 x 60min massages at the locked price of 80chf each instead of 120chf to be used within 12 months one for each moon of the year 

Why moonly?

Receiving a massage during the full or new moon phases can help us connect with the energy of the moment and boosting the beneficial effects


  • 3 days before the full moon 

Receiving a massage 3 days before the full moon helps to drain liquids that are held more during these days, relax tensions and above all calm the mind. 

  • 3 days before the new moon

Receiving a massage during this phase allows us to relax and get in touch with our inner self. the perfect time to help the lymphatic system get rid of toxins 

How much?

Choose in which lunar phase to book your massage (look at the count down at the top of the page

Moonly Massage is a massage that changes like the moon, a fusion of different techniques that envelop the whole body from head to toe.

60 effective minutes of massage-reiki-soundbath

mariana bern
moonly massage bern
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