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SKU: 364215375135191

Skara can be used to stimulate points all over the body. 
However, it cannot only be used for a facial massage that shapes the facial features. 

Its shape is perfect for massaging the contours of the nose, eyes and mouth, as well as the oval of the face.


  • Sandalwood comes from the Santalum Album plant, a tree of thousands of years old that is famous throughout the world.

    The tree of thousands of years of origin that is world-famous for its properties. The inner part of the sandalwood trunk is very leathery, which is why termites are unable to destroy it. The sandalwood tree is therefore considered in India as a protective tree against evil spirits.

  • Massage and stimulate the reflex points with the two skara legs. 
    Massage and shape the face with Skara's head after applying Liquidi Gold or WunderBalm

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