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Corporate wellness: what is it?

Corporate wellness is a very broad concept, encompassing all those initiatives aimed at improving the health and well-being of employees.

Corporate wellness is nothing new, especially for large companies in the United States, which were already paying special attention to health and safety in the workplace in the 1970s. Starting in the 1980s, many companies in America began to offer employees programmes that promoted a healthy lifestyle.

The benefits of corporate wellness for companies

The benefits for companies that decide to improve the lifestyle of employees through the implementation of plans that promote the physical and mental wellbeing of workers are numerous, starting with improved company performance:

  • reduced absenteeism;

  • improvement of corporate culture;

  • increased turnover and productivity;

  • improving team spirit and employee cooperation;

  • employee retention;

  • increased customer satisfaction;

  • access to reduced taxation for goods and services offered to employees;

  • improvement of the corporate image.

The benefits of corporate wellness for employees

For the company to benefit from implementing corporate wellness projects, these must first show their positive effects on employees. Among the benefits that employees derive from initiatives to promote corporate wellness are:

  • stress reduction

  • improved work-life balance;

  • improved health;

  • increased productivity;

  • access to a wide basket of services.

Well-being services

Well-being services include all those measures that serve to offer greater well-being to employees while they are at work:

creation of spacious and bright spaces, furnished in such a way as to ensure well-being and reduce stress;

creation of relaxation areas;

creation of company gyms;

offering benefits, such as welfare vouchers and a package of goods and services dedicated to wellbeing, such as gym membership, to encourage sporting activity;

offering a canteen service with balanced meals or proposing healthy and nutritious snacks in the break area.

Are you planning to offer your staff corporate wellness services but don't know where to start? Here are some good practices, easy to implement, that can offer concrete benefits to your staff:

  • Promoting work-life balance through smart working

  • Promoting physical activity in the office

  • Promoting mindfulness

  • Promoting a healthy diet

  • Promoting corporate wellness initiatives

  • Leading by example


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