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WELCOME to m a r i l ü

Hello marvellous soul,

and welcome to the world of Marilü

Let me introduce myself, I am Mariana Sambataro, I am Italian and I have been looking after women for almost 22 years.

We women are truly a powerhouse, and we are wonderfully full of beauty!

In September 2022 I opened my studio here in Bern with the aim of offering selected cosmetics and treatments that are all purely organic.

For me it's not a job but a passion, accompanying people in the time they dedicate to themselves is an honour and a privilege.

Every woman is a matryoshka: wife, daughter, mother, sister, friend, colleague, etc. - and sometimes in all these roles we forget to return to our simple essence: ourselves! I invite you to take some time for yourself and welcome you to do so personally

Book a Marilü massage and receive a complimentary SCACCIAPENSIERI ritual performed in the same session!

All the products I use are 100% organic. Essential oils from Switzerland, oils, butters, powders and ointments from Switzerland, but above all seaweed from the Brittany Sea, a sea protected by UNESCO.

When selecting raw materials, I try to use only plants and derivatives that are locally sourced and, above all, grow wild.


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