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SKU: 366615376135191
CHF 27,00Prezzo

Hugo is one of Marilü's most popular beauty tools, 
Using this accessory allows us to eliminate exfoliating products from our beauty routine. 



Available December 2023
  • The HUGO Face Brush is particularly suitable for precision exfoliation of the face.

    The short bristle length and the stiffness allow for energising stimulation.

    Simple, comfortable and precise, HUGO is able to give new vitality to facial skin by stimulating cell renewal and capillary microcirculation of the epidermis.

    The result of these benefits is an increased supply of oxygenated blood and the elimination of impure substances assimilated and stored daily by the body's cells.

    The convex head and ergonomic concave groove of the wooden plank offer high precision when sculpting the face, and its structure also facilitates circular movements in the lip area, eye contour and zygomatic furrow.

  • Precision exfoliation of the face with the HUGO Face Brush can be performed 3-4 times a week, except for those with extremely sensitive skin or skin disorders such as eczema or chronic dryness.

    In order to use the tool, it is not necessary to wet the face or face.

    It is important to use the brush on the face while holding the bristles at a slight angle to the skin and to turn the wrist 180° during each stroke, taking particular care not to press hard during use.

    The rounded head can be used for sculpting on the face by applying slight pressure and rotating the instrument during use. This is useful for reducing swelling of the face and bags under the eyes.

    Possible reddening of the skin is not a negative symptom, but rather evidence of skin stimulation. However, take particular care not to over-stimulate the most sensitive areas.

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