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49,00 CHFPrecio

Oval brush, made of the finest naturally water-repellent Burmese Teak wood, composite bristle made of Tampico fibre (natural plant fibre extracted from the Mexican Agave Lechuguilla) and Copper 0.10 mm thick.

Expected shipping December 2023
  • Description
    The Body Brush KA is particularly suitable for dry body brushing.

    The decisive stiffness of the Tampico bristles allows deep exfoliation and intense stimulation of the epidermis and blood circulation.

    The presence of Copper, thanks to its properties, is ideal for releasing the body's daily accumulated tensions, effectively stimulating the circulation of body fluids and draining stagnant lymphatic system. It also guarantees a scientifically proven antibacterial capacity.

    The thickness of 0.10 mm makes the Copper bristles slightly stiffer than those of Tampico.

    Elegant, effective and practical. The small size of the brush means it takes up less space than conventional brushes and is easy to transport, and its ergonomics ensure a firm grip.

    The  Body Brush KA is suitable for those who travel a lot and do not want to deprive themselves of the benefits of dry brushing.

  • Dry brushing with KA can be performed daily, except for those with extremely sensitive skin or skin disorders such as eczema or chronic dryness.
    In order to use the brush, it is not necessary to wet the brush or the body.

    It is important to use the brush on the body with the bristles slightly inclined to the skin and to rotate the wrist 180° during each pass, taking particular care not to press hard during use.
    For each section of the body, pass the brush 3-4 times in one direction.
    Possible reddening of the skin is not a negative symptom, but rather evidence of skin stimulation. However, take special care not to over-stimulate the most sensitive areas, such as armpits and groin.

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